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Bandon Grammar School, located in the picturesque town of Bandon in County Cork, Ireland, stands as a beacon of educational excellence. the school has been a cornerstone of the community, offering a comprehensive and enriching educational experience to generations of students. Classes for Younger Students Main Subjects are English, Irish, Maths, Science, History, Geography, CSPE (Social, Personal, and Health Education), Religious Studies, Physical Education, SPHE (Social, Personal, and Health Education) Also, all students learn about Music, Computing, Social Skills, Choir, and School Sports. Each student also picks three subjects from options like French, Spanish, Home Economics, Art, Technical Graphics, Business, German, Materials Technology Wood, Business, Music, Art, Home Economics, and Materials Technology Wood.

TYPE OF SCHOOL:Co educational
Co-educational364 Boys 277 Girls

Bandon Grammar School has around 640 students, and 120 of them stay at the school. There are 86 teachers and staff members. The school has a big area of more than 30 hectares, providing lots of space for fun and learning in a quiet place. It’s perfect for students to grow in their minds, bodies, morals, and spirits. Students from all over the world, with different backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and races, work together happily to do their best.

Transition Year:

Transition Year is an exciting and innovative part of the school curriculum. It’s a special time for students, helping them move from junior cycle, where they have less say in what they study, to becoming independent learners who take more responsibility in all areas of life.

Holistic Learning:

During the Transition Year, students have the chance to:

  • Deepen Core Knowledge: Learn more about the main subjects.
  • Explore Senior Cycle Options: Get a taste of all the subjects they can choose later.
  • Face New Challenges: Try out ICT, projects, drama, debating, music, sports, and leadership.
  • Take on the President’s Award Scheme (Gaisce): Embrace challenges and achievements.
  • Participate in Outdoor Pursuits: Join activities like Cappanalea Outdoor Pursuits and the Skiing Tour.
  • Plan and Manage Events: Learn event planning and take on leadership roles.
  • Develop Projects: Engage in projects like the Young Scientist, Business, and Green Schools Environmental projects.
  • Learn Lifeskills: From the Driver Theory test to First Aid, charity work to understanding politics.
  • Engage with Speakers: Listen and learn from experts on various topics.
  • Gain Work Experience: Take on two work experience placements.
  • Build Team Spirit: Develop a strong team spirit with classmates that lasts through the senior cycle.

Subjects and Modules:

The Transition Year program includes studying the following subjects and modules:

Core SubjectsOptional SubjectsModules of Study
MathematicsFrench or SpanishMusic Appreciation / Human Rights / First Aid / Criminology
Irish (International students take ‘English’ as a foreign language course at that time)German or Business / Economics / AccountingDebating / Drama / Art / Woodwork / Chinese
Science (Modules of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science)Music / Technical Graphics / Woodwork / Art / Home Economics
History, GeographyAll students have short courses in Career Guidance, Social & Health Education and
Religious Education
Computer Studies (ECDL – 7 module examination course for certification)
Science (Modules of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Agricultural Science)

Senior Cycle Curriculum:

Exam Core Subjects:

English, Irish, Mathematics

Non-Exam Core Subjects:

Religious Education, Physical Education, Careers Guidance & Computer Studies.

Each pupil must choose one subject from

LCVP, Spanish, French, Geography, History, Design & Communication Graphics, Applied Maths, Biology. Physics, Home Economics, Accounting, Music, Agricultural Science, Geography, Chemistry, Economics, Construction Studies, Biology, Agricultural Science, Biology, Geography, Art, Business, German.


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